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Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners


"The Board's first priority is to protect the public."

The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is the State's agency that regulates the practice of veterinary medicine and equine dentistry by licensing and regulating veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, and equine dental providers

That's a nice picture of our State Board members.  Since it was taken, there have been a few additions. 

Why is the State Board (TBVME) important?

In February 2016, the TBVME was provided information associated with the care of Dazzle by Ashlee Watts, DVM, due to many concerns.  This was done after much thought and consideration..

Within the week, I was notified the State was initiating an investigation. 


The agency's "Compact With Texas" and associated rules outlined a clear path of what to expect and obligations on part of the TBVME.  At the time, resolution estimates (purported by the TBVME) of investigations/complaints was 140 days or less.

Now.  I'm a rather understanding person, so when the case jumped all time frames, I was generally unconcerned.  

In effort to educate myself, I inquired about the delays and began attending the TBVME meetings.

  • One by one, other cases resolved.

  • The TBVME refused to provide any reasoning for delay.

  • The TBVME then barred me from certain investigation contents by Attorney General opinion.

  • The case number was dropped from view-able public documentation.

  • Information from the agency regarding the case process became inconsistent and contradictory.

  • At 300, then 400, 500 days....

  • The State Board then took motions to alter it's "Complaint/Investigation/Grievance" process to a large extent.

  • At a public board meeting, the TBVME censored anyone engaging in "Public Comments"  from speaking the name of

 an accused licensee (veterinarian) citing "Ex Parte" conversation.  Ironically, the board room was heavy with legal attendance from a multitude of state agencies/agents of the state *cough*.



At around 700 days (I quit counting at that point) of investigation, a civil suit was filed in Travis county, Austin, TX against the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.  

Essentially, I was asking the courts to step in.

Heather Kutyba v. Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Writ of Mandamus

TBVME Response

Motion For Summary Judgment

Plaintiff Heather Kutyba’s Amended Writ of Mandamus and Original Petition

(clickable links)

Days after filing the Motion For Summary Judgment within the court, the TBVME closed Dazzle's case.

I'm no lawyer, but I think it's fair to believe this was the TBVME way of avoiding a judges scrutiny.

Litigation is ongoing.  Stay tuned!

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