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All about Dazzle

All about Dazzle-Home

Raising horses from conception is a privilege.  It entails a lot of planning, effort, often quite a bit of money, a ton of luck and equal amount of grit.  No success is taken for granted and every failure or loss is felt.


Dazzle...was years in the planning.  With every aspect considered and a parentage generation after generation of genetic strength and success.  Her dam, "Sophie" my personal mare.  A GREAT, beautiful, kind mare that was irreplaceable by anyone's standards.  

Sophie carried Dazzle 369 days of gestation.  I always said she baked that baby longer to put the extra perfection on her

My heart could not
 have been more full.
IMG_1588 (2).JPG
My girls, a vision of beauty.
Dazzle...simply dazzling and marked for greatness

All HELL breaks loose

One evening, Sophie began showing signs of abdominal discomfort and colic.  With a 14 day old  foal at her side, this was a serious emergency until deemed otherwise.

A veterinarian arrived within minutes.  Sophie received emergency care, medications and was prepared for transport to Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Hospital.

On arrival we were met, ready to the nines, by a team.  They descended on Sophie and Dazzle, with everyone working like a finely honed unit.  

  • In minutes, Sophie was flowing on IV fluids, blood work was running, was palpated and an abdominal ultrasound was performed.

  • With an abnormal ultrasound, it was determined Sophie needed emergency surgery.


Sophie was family, a new mom and a highly coveted mare.  Dazzle depended 100% on her mother.

The decision for surgery was a resounding "yes".  We had to at least try.

  • Sophie and Dazzle back together again.  A HUGE sigh of relief.  The have them both in front of me.

  • Days later, Sophie was discharged and both were given the kindest send home with an entourage of staff lining the hall as we walked out.  

  • Dazzle's paperwork cite her as a completely healthy foal with no abnormalities noted (of any kind).

IMG_2151 (2).JPG

Sir, you look very nice next to that fine mare and beautiful foal.  We all celebrated that day & you all have my thanks.

It's GOOD to be home!
Dear Lord, hear my prayer

A few days after coming home, in the quiet of the evening while I was working in the barn,  Sophie began acting slightly uncomfortable. 

I was worried and the decision was made to return to the hospital once the vet arrived and could sedate for transport.  Unfortunately, that option was quickly taken out of my hands.

Like a flip of a switch, Sophie became violently painful and unresponsive to any attempts to keep her on her feet.  

One of the hardest things I've ever done, was drop her lead rope, flee from the stall pulling Dazzle with me and locking the door.  

Grasping the stall bars I pressed Dazzle with my body against the wall, holding her between my arms to contain her in the isle....I prayed.  Please let the doctor get here, help me hold this baby, take Sophie if you must.. but please take away her pain. 

Agony, is a hard thing to watch and it is even worse to hear. 

There was no time for tears or to come undone. 

In the dark, just a few feet outside the barn...Sophie was swiftly relieved of her pain.


Later that night, I sat in the dirt for hours next to her body.  Hair by hair I picked through her flaxen tail removing the debris, dirt and tangles that had accumulated with her thrashing. 

I sobbed, cursed, apologized, grieved and even barfed once.  I cleaned every piece of her tail, braided it, and placed it in a bag.  Then gave my big, sweet Sophie a last hug & kiss...told her I loved her.  That I knew the best part of her was left behind and I was going to do a good job.

Then dusted my sorry self off, and got out of the dirt.  

*The loss of Sophie was just that; an unforeseeable loss.  I believe her care was good, surgery was justified and all efforts taken in her best interest.  Then and now, I have nothing but gratitude for those who cared for her.

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