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Supreme Court of Texas Filing

Ashlee E. Watts  TAMU
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The Appeal
The State Veterinary Board
The Lawsuit
A cautionary tale....about cautionary tales...

Challenges to state agencies/figures, standing laws or interpretation of, at

District, Appellate and Supreme Court level is everyone's business. 

Dazzle's and my story, is our own.

Out of respect for many in the veterinary industry and my own privacy, I refused an outspoken approach or heavy release of case information to the public.  Until recently.

A step that has been supported by a multitude of professionals, yet will be 

condemned, as crossing the line, by others.

That double-edged sword is real.

Administrative, governmental and direct avenues for resolution have been largely swept under the proverbial rug.  An action that is unacceptable in my invested opinion.

Having exhausted options available to the general public, I reached for

legal assistance and retained attorneys.

I make no apologies for doing so or asserting my legal rights.

It took a lot to stand up alone.  

Step by step, this case has swelled into a much larger situation...

affecting myself, the public and professionals alike.


*Nothing on this website or any information associated with this case, should be considered legal or medical advice*

Any explanation of legalities are a laypersons view; a personal (non-licensed) filter of it's application & individual experience thereof.

Contact Information

If you have information that would assist in the discovery, investigation and resolution of the

Ashlee E. Watts & Texas A&M lawsuit

or the

Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners grievance 

contact us at:

Thank You!

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